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Forlagsnr. KP00499
ZWEI SCHNEE-TÄNZE for recorder quartet (1985)

Programme note:
Written for a summer youth festival in Austria, this work for four musicians playing recorders of various sizes is another example of Abrahamsen's depictions of snow in his oeuvre - here achieved through a falling movement in the melody and soft sounds evoking the happy land of childhood.

The composer wrote the work having in mind fragments of Winnie the Pooh ("the more its snows (tiddlypom)/the more it goes (tiddlypom) /on snowing") - the rhythm of the sentences is reflected in the melodic legato line in the first dance. In the second dance, the tempo (im Tempo einesLändlers) alludes to the site of the work's premiere.

In 1985, a version for flute, clarinet, violin and cello was also written