3 hymniske ansatser (SATB)

3 hymniske ansatser (SATB)

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Per Nørgård
Forlagsnr. KP01343
3 HYMNISKE ANSATSER (3 HYMNIC DISPOSITIONS) - for mixed choir (1986)

The work consists of music composed to 3 poems, e.g.
Gunnar Ekelöf ´Komposition (Composition),
Thøger Larsen ´Strandvalmue´(´Beach Poppy´)
Rainer Maria Rilke ´Die Parke´(´The Parks´)

Just as the three movements in their succession move from the sea (Ekelöf), across the beach (Larsen) and into the country, to the parks (Rilke), in an analogous way each of the three movements in their point of departure is hymnic in character - but later on moves into the more varied and complex tone paths of the inner regions of the mind.
"3 Hymniske Ansatser" (3 Hymnic Dispositions) is sung in Swedish (1. Komposition", Gunnar Ekelöf), in Danish (2. Strandvalmue", Thøger Larsen) and in German (3. "Die Parke", R.M. Rilke).
The work could be performed in a programme with "Prelude to Breaking", performed after this instrumental piece.

Per Nørgård